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Members of the band

  Mohi & Tia

General info

  With Mohi, there was something gone horribly wrong. It was as if he was daring you to call him names and start a fight. He wasn't a prep-school dweeb dabbling in drag for the springtime variety show ó in the bucket-of-blood rockíníroll clubs of New York City, if you somehow felt that you had to wear bedroom pumps and a halter top to get your message across, you had better be the best goddamn rockíníroll band in the world, or get ready to die.
  Mohi kicked ass and his detractors shut the fuck up. Beneath his thick layers of mascara and lipstick (which he famously passed around backstage the way other artists passed around joints), there was a spirit that thrived on jungle beats and shing-a-ling, on the broken-heart sagas of the Shangri Las, Tin Pan Alley radio hits, the lingering essence of British Invasion beat music, the scorched-earth blues of Chicagoís Southside, and a vision of the City as a monster. It was tough stuff.

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Beat The Shit Out Of Jesus n/a Download
Broken Doll n/a Download
dIRTY gIRL n/a Download
I Pointed A Gun At Your Head While U Were Sleeping n/a Download
Something So Wrong n/a Download
State Of Decay n/a Download
Why Should We Care n/a Download

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