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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Ziggy Plays Guitar
  Mark Plays Bass and Keyboards
  Juliet Does Vocal
  Dan Plays Keyboards
  John Plays Drums

General info

  Childhood friends who met at the same private Christian school, the members of MNQNN (pronounced "mannequin"), despite their insular upbringing, explore sound and song design with raw emotion, heavy guitars, distorted programming and fearless abandon.
  Referred to as an "alternative to rock," the band played its first show in June 2001, and for those who have not yet heard them, think Tool’s cloaked choruses and challenging topography; Rammstein’s dark military anthems and expansive symphonics; Smashing Pumpkins’ inhale/exhale quality to song flow; and My Bloody Valentine’s blurring the line between lo-fi keyboards and krusty guitars, generating something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Download free music

Strong Is Weak 3.25 MB Download
Where Did You Go 3.10 MB Download

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