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Mister Mood

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Members of the band

  john - vocs, gtr, bass, keys, perc
  tim - vocs,gtr, bass, keys

General info

  John Guthrie -- mastermind behind Mister Mood -- began recording in 2000 under the moniker The Penguins Project. The rudimentary tracks were recorded on his home computer with a lack of experience and with some musical help from Tim Waggoner. This project lasted for 2 years as John became more knowledgeable at the controls of what would eventually become known as The Big White Rock Studios.
  After a name change (for no other reason than simply changing the name) in 2002, John began recording new material as Our Folk Swagger. With his newly found recording expertise, he continued writing and recording songs with Tim Waggoner for another 2 years.
  As John realized his music was taking on more of a personality of its own, he opted for a newer name to reflect this deeper meaning. In 2004, he changed the title of his project once again to Mister Mood. Now with his knowledge of recording and increased arsenal of recording equipment, John is producing more music at a much more rapid pace. In addition to his own personal endeavors, he has also taken on some external recording projects including that of friend Nic Gonzales (Espera). As of now, John dedicates his time to producing and recording music.

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