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miss t welsh

miss t welsh
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Members of the band

  Tracy Welsh

General info

  Hi Iím Tracy Welsh Iím a Singer/Songwriter I love what I do and would only do something else if it earned me enough money to do what I do now.
  I absolutely love performing live especially with other singers.
  The songs I write are as real as a song can get.
  I love all music but slow songs by great singers are the top for me.
  Why or how did you chose your name
  I used to be just Tracy Welsh (Which is my name) but the day I went to renew my website name some turkey from some distant country stole it from me and wanted a great amount of money from me to get it back. Although it took me three and a half years to build my site with my name, as a matter of principle I told the person to stick it where it hurts and so had to start over with and thatís how I got my name
  Miss T Welsh
  Do you play live? Where? Do you like it? Any special moments?
  I play on average 5 live shows a week in all sorts of places and love every second. If they got ears Iíll sing to them if they havenít Iíll stand there and try and look good.
  I have two very special moments at the gigs the first is when the audience sing and dance to my songs off my albums because that makes me feel that getting into debt and starving for the last five years is all worth it. The second is when I sell out of albums and am able to honour my debts for that month
  How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
  There are so many ways the internet has changed life for people like me.
  I sell my music all over the world and I get the big end of the profit.
  Little people are becoming big people because of the internet and big people (Record companies) are not ripping their new acts off so much.
  Could even be that God is saying enough is enough.
  Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?
  Of course I would but only if they guaranteed me work. Work is important to me and I won't sit around and wait for any record company that has just spent a fortune on another act.
  Band History:
  Nothing major has happened really just the norm like gathering fans releasing music writing songs. Had music from a couple of my songs on a Strokes documentary come to think of it one of my songs was the opening title song for the whole series.
  I've sung in Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and Cyprus even sang with the great Tony Hadley. But I'm still skint.
  Who or what are your musical influences?
  This is great to give people an idea of what to expect. Are you more into crashing guitars or motown r&b? Tough question for me because Iím only 21 and since I can remember they play everything on the radio so my biggest influence has got to be modern commercial radio but I do love the greats like Elvis, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Meat Loaf George Michael and so on.
  Your favourite spot or city?
  I can tell you the worst city Iíve been to and thatís - no better not I don't wanna offend anyone.
  My favourite spot is G

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