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Members of the band

  Jenny Eriksson Singer Songwriter

General info

  Im Jen.. I started writing and singing two years ago..I write my own music, produce, sing.. Most is about my life.. Ahh. such an ego..
  Music is therapy tho...
  Genre? hmm. alternative s the only thing i can think of..
  the music itself?
  Someone told me .. hey this is music for girls!! um
  someone else told me . this is to much.. someone else.. i get the chills.. i dont know how to interpret that.. either you like it or you dont, it doenst get more complicated than that..
  Give it a listen and make up your own mind.. Take care

Download free music

A new Day 3.32 MB Download
Angelstorm 3.50 MB Download
Coma 4.57 MB Download
Fool in the mirror 3.31 MB Download
Missing you 2.72 MB Download
Stand 3.65 MB Download
Test of Time 4.57 MB Download
Touched by you 2.74 MB Download

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