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  Band Members:
  Tony as the "Bassmasta" and "Acoustical Tickler"!!!!
  Tony's Wife, Laurie, on "MiLFkeys" and "SqueezeBox" (Yeah Baby..........SqueezeBox!)
  Influences: Oh, but there have been so many that touched our souls, enlightened our path, and gave the dream life. Marc Bolan gave us dirty and sweet (and a marvelous fashion sense), Ziggy Stardust gave us flash and adventure, Alice Cooper sharpened the edge while Bob Marley taught us "One Love". The Violent Femmes captured the angst and help us laugh at it. And it was Mr. Zappa and They Might Be Giants who pointed out life's absurdities and just how plain silly it all can be. Ween showed us that one journey can have many destinations. So many, so many....a mere list can never do justice. A single facet of a diamond captures the light, but it takes all to create the brilliance and dazzle our senses...............
  Record Label: Projekt '69' SIP

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