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Members of the band

  Jormis - Vox, Drums
  Jimmy - Bass, backVox
  Luiro - Guitars

General info

  Hardcore influenced punk band from Rovaniemi, Finland. Formed in summer, 2006 by Otto and Jormis. We took Elmeri to play drums and played our first gig in December 2006. Jimmy joined the band in winter 2006. The line-up then was: Jimmy-vocals, Otto-bass/vocals, Jormis-guitar and Elmeri-drums. With that line-up we recorded our first demo "Tässäpä teille ÄPÄRÄT!" in 2006 winter and the band camed more active with gigs. After few gigs the line-up changed: Jormis-head vocals, Otto-guitar/backing vocals, Jimmy-bass and Elmeri-drums. Now we are planning next demo, which will be released in 2007.
  Otto and Elmeri left band at summer 2007, then Luiro joined the band.

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Anorektikko Huora n/a Download
Ei Kytista Oo Mihinkaan n/a Download
Isänmaa n/a Download
Kusipaat n/a Download
Lokerot n/a Download

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