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Mia Joki

Mia Joki
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Members of the band

  Singer and songwriter Mia Joki

General info

  Mia Joki is the second oldest daughter of an artistically talented family. Besides father and
  mother to the family belong 5 daughters.
  Mia has a natural talent as composer and songwriter. Besides childhood piano lessons she
  hasn't had actual musical training still music has belonged as an important part to Mia's
  childhood and youth. Her late grandfather was the violinist in the City Orchestra. Mia's
  father has very varied talents in music and arts. Mia herself, when 5 years old, got one and
  half octave Casio as a present, that's where it all began. Mia's most important reason for
  composing and making music is her personal relationship with Jesus.
  Mia is composing in a very special way. When e.g. she's walking or driving a car, the music
  begins to play out in her head, and she has to hurry to the nearest instrument and write the
  melody down. Somethimes the same tune can come again, but usually only ones; therefore
   it must soon be written down. Although Mia can read notes, she is using her own melody
  and chord marks, which an outsider has difficult to interpret. Somethimes she is composing
  quite traditionally at the piano.
  Mia's family has a house in Spain. When 15 years old Mia spent a year there all by herself.
  That is certainly the reason, why in many of her songs Latin influences are heard.
  Hitsound wanted to release Mia's first solo album already for some years ago, but Mia
  herself wanted to make music together with others, at first two CDs with her sisters, then a
  CD with the band Seven.
  The style of the new CD is stronger and rhythmic compared to the earlier CDs. The musical
  style is now something quite differend; R&B, reggae and melodic pop. Latin influences are
  more clearly heard. Mia herself tells about her solo album:
  "When you connect the music with the emotional side and live what you are singing, the
  music becomes a living wholeness, which is transferred directly from the singer to the
  listener, from heart to heart."

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