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Mikko Heino

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Members of the band

  Mikko Heino- Map3
  1.Map3 Pt.1
  2.End of time
  3.Map3 Pt.2
  4.Map3 pt.3
  5.Big releif
  6.The end
  Mikko Heino- Vocals
  Jukka Vehkala- Guitars
  Tommi Vehmas- Bass

General info

  New album is out now in here Mp3lizard , so download whole album and feel it!
  03.04.07 Lahti/ Finland
  05.04.07 Jyväskylä/ Finland
  29.10.07 Tampere /Finland
  01.12.07 Helsinki/Finland
  28.03.08 Kotka/ Finland
  29.03.08 Espoo /Finland
  11.04.08 Helsinki/ Finland
  09.05.08 Harjavalta/ Finland
  17.05.08 Helsinki/ Finland
  28.06.08 Haapavesi/ Finland
  02.07.08 Kemi/ Finland
  12.07.08 Anjalankoski/ Finland
  02.08.08 Tampere/ Finland
  09.08.08 Rajamäki/ Finland
  30.08.08 Porvoo/ Finland
  13.09.08 Anjalankoski/ Finland
  24.11.08 Anjalankoski/ Finland
  25.11.08 Anjalankoski/ Finland
  More dates coming!!!!
  Acoustic, progressive and more!!!

Download free music

Big releif n/a Download
End of time n/a Download
Map3 pt.1 n/a Download
Map3 pt.2 n/a Download
Map3. pt.3 n/a Download
The end n/a Download

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