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dance / techno


Members of the band

  metricks - Electronica Mind Probe
  Discover yourself then discover the world. The sound is imagination all over our mind. Let the tunes float over you...
  The note gathering of live... The Path of meaning...
  [metricks] is active at the electronic scene since 1993. Since 1998, in the interaction with the electronic music, his first digital musics born. Now in the path of discovery, no electronic genre is descriminated, and all the wide spectrum of this genre is appealing to his senses.
  Computers, boxes and synths

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review: Merci - Special participation of Lisa T

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  Merci @ Petrol Music - Chokaiweb


  Nominee for : Best Producer-Best Composer-Best Electronic Artist


  If you can check metricks nominees in the 2004 International Online Music Awards.


  Congratulations to all IOMA 2004 Winners


Download free music

Arruska 8.31 MB Download
Aureo Non Dancer 4.85 MB Download
Big Teeth Man 6.94 MB Download
Kop Indo 7.54 MB Download
Make the Storm - by Metricks n/a Download
Pacific Tropicús 6.59 MB Download
Risk Passion 9.52 MB Download

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