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MERCURY MAD, Vibralux & Glam Rock

MERCURY MAD, Vibralux & Glam Rock
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mercury Mad & Vibralux
  Lexxxis [Guitars/Lead Guitars]
  Asmo [Bass]
  TOBI KO [Drums]

General info


see more Mercury Mad Promo Photos by Dan RathbunYou just can’t keep Mr. Fancy Pants out of the spotlight.
  Singer/songwriter and all-around rock star Mercury Mad
has spent most of his life center stage and is ready to
bring his latest solo material to waiting audiences. Known mainly for his time fronting the Glam Rock band Vibralux for the past five years, Mercury Mad is currently incorporating all that he’s learned since his days of high school music theater to his more recent nights of Rock ‘n’ Roll debauchery in one full-bodied experience.

Neither the theatrics or musicality of Mad’s shows should come as any surprise
to those who know his history. The young singer/guitarist who played the Plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” in high school went on to study graphic design and Music Comp at KSU while playing guitar for productions such as "Hair" and "Bye Bye Birdie". Mad spent his off time teaching guitar for KSU's continuing education program and moonlighting in tenor roles such as Jack in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” and Henrik in “A Little Night Music.”

His love of performance and the stage would cause him to transfer to The University of Kansas and choose his final major in Theatre & Film. Theatre would be the melting pot for Mad and his juggling various art forms. It was here he caught his musical tour bug playing guitar for th KU production of "School House Rock Live".

Mercury Mad continued to develop his artistic repertoire when he became the make-up artist for a University production of Vaclav Havel’s “Temptation,” a job that required precision and creativity in the delicate art that would come to mean so much to his on-stage persona. When Mad created Vibralux in 2001, he combined all the things he had learned: the acting, the singing, the make-up and not to mention the various bands he had been in since his teens. He made himself into the sarcastic Messianic figure audiences came to know and love using all his talents.

While the band slowly dissolved, Mercury Mad persevered and has continued as a solo artist, composer, and DJ as an outlet for his prolific writing and desire to entertain. He is currently involved in several short solo tours as well as backing the Minneapolis group APOX on Bass and Guitar for the U-35 DVD video tour.
Mad's next album will be available in 2007.

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