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Mega Test

Mega Test
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Members of the band

  Josh Goldberger: Bass, guitar, vocals.
  Joel Wilson: Guitar, bass, vocals.
  Jesse Morris: Drums, piano, trumpet, vocals.

General info

  Thrown together, unknowingly, in 1989 at a community college in Long Beach, California, to be tested among ranks of young super-geniuses, Josh Goldberger, Joel Wilson and Jesse Morris were destined for success at an early age. Fifteen years later, in the basement of a UC Berkeley co-op, each having largely ignored expectations of intellectual achievement, their paths crossed once again, and this time the test was rock n roll. Using their shared past as catalyst in the creation of a totally original rock sound, MEGA TEST has picked up where the proctors and professors left off, replacing high IQs with decibels loud and clear enough for even the average listener to understand.

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River Phx n/a Download
Running Down n/a Download
Two Dresses n/a Download

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