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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jc Mos - producer / arranger
  Jamie - producer / arranger
  Emma - vocals

General info

  M.E.D.I. (Melbourne Electro Dance Inspiration)
  Started when Jc Mos met Jamie on a popular government funded amateur musical performers website and they decided to combine their contrasting electronic techniques and styles.
  JC Mos: (composition/arrangement). Born is Spain, Jc is an experienced and highly dedicated performer in the dance scene and was raised in Valencia where he locally saw mild success with his music. He now lives in Melbourne and has embraced the aussie music scene with open arms.
  Emma: (composition/vocals). Emma has just finished her secondary schooling and boasts one of Australia's finest female singing voices, Emma placed well in national schoolies pop charts recently.
  Jamie: (composition/arrangement). Born in the UK, Jamie has lived in Melbourne since the age of 3. With experience and diversity in many genres and styles, he adds texture and balance to an already formidable combination of talents.
  ‘REBIRTH’ is the name of our “project” album, ‘REBIRTH’ is a concept we have adopted to re-create old ideas and songs from our past.
  We have started with “UP”, Emma’s song, and will continue with “Miss you all”, JC’s song, and then Jamie’s, the idea is to combine all styles and perspectives into one so we create a more genuine and authentic sound.
  Our music is based on Trance, featuring melodic synthesizer phrases and vocals, sometimes we may include guitars but this is not very often, it depends on how “cheesy” we wanna go with the track.
  Gatecrasher, Robert Miles, Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Chan Marshall,Infected Mushroom, Green Nuns, Propellorheads, Crystal Method, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Lee Ritenour, Riverdance...the world

Download free music

Miss you all - preview (no vocals yet) n/a Download
So Far - preview (no vocals yet) n/a Download
Up rebirth n/a Download
Up Rebirth - remix n/a Download
Up remix No.2 n/a Download

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