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Me And my Monkey

Me And my Monkey
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Members of the band

  Sandro Chicnchaladze - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard
  Gacha bakradze - Guitar, Midi, FX

General info

  Both involved in solo projects before forming MAMM, They joined forces after a chance meeting at a party stirred their drunken spirits and inspired their musical collaboration. Sandro Chicnchaladze had been playing with local Tbilisi act The Neverland, while Gacha bakradze was part of local band Vietnam Radio. The pair decided to quit their respective solo efforts in 2007 and put their heads together to focus wholeheartedly on MAMM.
  Officially MAMM was formed at 2007 in capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Influenced by favorites like Beck, Mogwai, Royksopp, Radiohead and etc … early hard rock sound developed into indie electro-rock complete with catchy synth beats, sweeping atmospherics, and sharp songwriting.
  After getting favorable reviews at the Rockwise festival in Saarbrucken, MAMM got a producer from Germany and they signed a contract with label “CaucasusRocks” to work on putting together their first record.
  Staying true to the monkey theme, the duo outfitted their recent May 17th CD release party with free bananas donning MAMM stickers, watching the giddy audience with contained hilarity as a jungle of banana-chomping enthusiasts danced along to their track We Are The Monkeys.
  Nowadays band is working on their first album “The Starfucker”
  You may contact MAMM at

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It's Coming Back n/a Download
Standing And Waiting n/a Download
We Are the monkeys n/a Download

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