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Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey
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Members of the band

  Peter "Pedro" Gracey

General info

  From the District of Cockburn Pen, Waterhouse, a poverty stricken environment in Kingston, Jamaica, Pedro born Peter Gracey is used to see artists such as Super Cat, Peter Metro, Michigan & Smiley, Nicodemus and other major figures on the entertainment scene toast to dubs (b-side instrumental on vinyl) on major sound systems.
   Naturally gifted, Pedro jumped into the mix and started making his own moves by touring the island with various sound systems such as Stone Love, Metro Media and Killamanjaro until finally broke out with his own team, dubbed Technics.
   While spinning tracks after tracks in night clubs and open lawns, Pedro had the feel to place his own voice on vinyl and quickly signed to label New Name Music owned by Castro Brown. The same label which housed Lady Saw and other major artists.
   Now understanding the business, it wasn’t too long after, fused with the passion for the industry Pedro moved to the United States and continued making moves across the country in cities such as Miami (worked with projects with Gloria Estefan), Ft. Lauderdale (Jerry Lewis & RPI), Seattle (Sir Mix-A-Lot), San Diego and many other markets.
   Later on, Pedro along with group 303Infinity, toured the West Coast and quickly became the #1 internet Electronica group capturing millions of unique downloads. With this success, Pedro recorded tracks with Planet Soul’s Nadine Renee (Set U Free) and performed with Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Mix Mater Mike and soon to become a fast running low key icon. But this was not enough; something was missing.
   Still cultivating and planting seeds in his career, Pedro decided that it was time to find the meaning to what this was worth and where this fast moving lane was heading.
   Pedro since has released single Pray, which has seen success on the internet and has set a milestone releasing his first inspirational Poetry book “God, Romance, Struggle”.
   Pedro now ask, “what is life’s purpose and what is the ultimate goal? What is it that we live for and where we are going? If every day we do the same things and enjoy the same feelings satisfying our souls, did we achieve anything?”
   For Peter “Pedro” Gracey, a new beginning has surfaced and as a Christian who falls constantly, he falls forward with his eyes looking towards the most high.

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