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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Wrecktight- Vocals, production and turntable stylings.
  Makks- Vocals, Lovesick drunken croon(on 'Sultry Sedative'), and all around inspiring person to interact with.

General info

  Another addition to the musical mega-force made up of 'Cheezus of Nazureth', 'Open Source MC's', and the always on point 'DJG', Wrecktight is a passionate music loving(did we mean worshipping?) straight-up weirdo. But I suppose that's why we love him. Please also check out these other talented artists if you have taken the time to read this. Much thanks. For a cheap CD of any of these artists please e-mail us at for info.
   All of us

Download free music

Pressure Hardcore 3.40 MB Download
Sultry Sedative 4.31 MB Download

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