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Matt S

Matt S
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Members of the band

  Mathieu Soucy - Acoustic and electronic drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano and keyboards

General info

  Based in Quebec city (QC,Canada), Mathieu Soucy is a professional drummer and a multi-instrumentist with 10 years of backup in studio sessions and composition. He also made more then 140 live performances over the last years in bars, concerts room, festivals and outdoors events. He his the co-founder of Quebec city alternative band, Flangers and played with many canadian bands and artists of various genre such as canadian guitarist & composer Gaston Gagnon ...
  ''My compositions are a blend of many styles and cultures i learned and lived thru the years. I play my musical compositions without any form of phylosophical or technical constraint. I'm inspired by things i live and see, then i reproduce these moments into music . Originality is kept that way'' - Matt S (2002)

Download free music

Drum Solo 2000 1.82 MB Download
El cuerpo y el alma v.2 1.69 MB Download
Interlude - step one 1.26 MB Download

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