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Members of the band

  MR.MOWGLI - (DJ/Pro-ducer)

General info

  Mr.Mowgli is a Producer/DJ with 8 or more years of musical Experience.. Specialising in Hip Hop Production - creating some of the underground classics that you can't miss! He has just put out his own release, focusing on life up North, Politics and Culture, which features the some of the best MC's / DJ's / Beatboxers in Yorkshire.
  Mowgli has been involved in music from a very young age, saving up for a pair of Technics at 12 & playing in a Hip hop/Dnb band at the age of 11. He started his first career move at just 15 years old as a beatboxer after killing the "International Human Beatbox Convention" in London.
  He is currently signed to the best beatbox agency in the world alongside Rahzel, Killa Kella and more. As a Beatboxer Mowgli has supported and played supported such acts as...Foreign Beggaz, Rodney P, Fingathing, Jehst to name a few!!! Over the last few years Mowgli has been concentrating on his skills in the studio, Producing mainly Hip Hop & Drum n' Bass, working with artists in Yorkshire, and all over the UK.Also Mowgli is producing material for many overseas artists , in USA, Australia and Germany, boasting collaborations with artists in more than 4 continents! The music that Mowgli creates is mainly Hip Hop and take influences from many other types of music including:
  Funk/Grime/Classical/D'NB/Latino/Breakbeat/Soul to 60's music even African tribal and more! Other influences are taken from Mowgli's native country of Sri-Lanka, a war torn country, struggling with Civil war, and public political terrorsm....its no suprise that real Hip Hop is on the uprise there then! Incorporating the skills learnt on the Decks, beatbox performance or hours in the studio finalizing songs, mad Mowgli is always pushing the boudries of sound, to create something new...without losing the raw element that so many lack! Using samples from jazz keyboard improvisation to Dusty Vinyl, delivers an original mix of acoustic and digital sound, cutting edge production! The Debut release is on its way, so keep your ears peeled for Mr.Mowgli....

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