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Midnight Carnival Band

Midnight Carnival Band
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Members of the band

  All sounds produced by Mark Bush
  Guitar and Vocals
  Members wanted!
  Drums, bass, keys, and lead guitar

General info

  The Midnight Carnival Band
  The Beatles, Ok Go, Rooney, Phantom Planet, Jason Falkner, Jellyfish, T REX, Weezer, Led Zepplin, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Blind Melon, Radiohead, Muse, Beck, Jump Little Children(Magazine), Rufus Wainright, Spoon, Ben Folds, Foo Fighters, Post-Apocalypic movies anything with Zombies, pop culture, Impressionistic painters, My daughters, TV, and anything else that may or may not exist.
  If you are interested email me at
  Now rocking the Pueblo, CO area. Look for me at Zippers Thursday nights Open Mic
  Check out myspace
  The performances recorded here took place over the last 3 years and are not a true example of where I am now or where I am headed, but if you like this and feel like you could add to it then please contact me.

Download free music

Home n/a Download
Mars n/a Download
Sonic Boom n/a Download
The Waitress Song 4.94 MB Download
The Waitress Song 4Track n/a Download

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