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Marc M. Cogman

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Marc M. Cogman - Singer/Song-Writer

General info

  “Poetry is my first love and music is my obsession,” declares singer/songwriter Marc M. Cogman. As closely as the two may seem to correlate, he distinguishes them as separate entities. When he’s in poetry mode he’s in a different place than when he’s thinking about music, but both are integral parts of his life. Cogman discovered his passion for music at age 15 as the rhythm guitarist and lead singer of his first band, Mass Transit. Pursuit of his obsession took him to Boston where he attended the highly esteemed Berklee College of Music in 1999. This is where he met the future members of Chimpira, a hardcore metal band that released its first and only album in February of 2001.
  Chimpira performed up and down the east coast with Cogman as the lead singer before making the trek to Los Angeles to look for bigger and brighter opportunities. The band broke up after two years and Cogman returned to Boston to continue the development of his natural writing abilities at Emerson College, where he majored in creative writing. His focus was poetry, which indisputably assisted him in exploring and enhancing his lyrics. He graduated cum laude in May 2004 and will earn his master’s of professional writing with an emphasis in poetry from USC in May 2007.
  While at Emerson, Cogman and three of the former members of Chimpira reunited and formed an indie-rock band, The Neon Calm. In the next five years, with Cogman again as its front man, The Neon Calm recorded two albums and toured extensively along both coasts. Eventually the band ventured west but, once again, decided to go their separate ways.
  After the split, Cogman stayed in Los Angeles to continue his musical endeavors. His main concentration has been on producing a solo album that conveys an ‘organic feel,’ a task accomplished by starting solely with an acoustic guitar and adding more instruments as the melody expands. On this record, Cogman plays acoustic and electric guitar, hand percussion, glockenspiel, piano, and harmonica. His desire to record an album with this particular musical landscape is influenced by bands and musicians such as Wilco, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann, Elliott Smith, and Mirah.
  Welcome to the Danger Show, Cogman’s first solo project, pushes the envelope by incorporating a truly American sound, respect for open space and incredible lyrics that people can relate to. The album examines the nature of risk in the precarious undertaking of being an artist occupied in a damaging relationship where erratic emotions and infidelity are involved. Much of the inspiration for Welcome to the Danger Show stems from a relationship that didn’t work out in a classic case of unrequited love. At the time, Cogman thought it was the end of the world, but later realized it’s an emotional journey everyone experiences. The difference between the rest of the world and Cogman is that most people end up with a bruised heart and diary entries that look silly in hindsight, while Cogman’s album is something that will become a lyrical example for the world to listen to and learn from as they associate the parallel between his album and the hardships they’ve faced in their own experiences with love. Cogman describes it best by saying, “If the record does well and people identify with my songs, the music I’ve created and the lyrics I’ve written will become something far greater than a girl who wouldn't love me back. The heartache I experienced becomes so small and insignificant, because the product created by the situation is vastly more important.”
  When Cogman is not honing his skills as a musician and poet, he enjoys spending time at The Good Hurt in West LA, cafes on the Westside of Venice, Main Street and Abbot Kinney. These are among his favorite places and he jokes that he’ll only go to Hollywood when it’s an emergency.

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