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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Dirk Tolken

General info

  MantatraX was brought to life in 1998 by Dirk Tolken. It started as a hobby and is about to turn into a fully fledged career in music production.
  Dirk started making music from an early age and after hearing a Prodigy CD for the first time decided that electronic music was the way to go. Using his QS300 synth and a PIII loaded with all kinds of software he started making tunes which can compete with the best out there. At the moment he's focussing on trance and house music and have already had success on, plus radio stations approaching him for demo material.
  Have a listen, tap your foot, dance, set yourself free... it's your choice, just like it was Dirk's choice to make music that you're going to like...

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