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Members of the band

  Carl Ray Villaverde - Ukulele, steel guitar, drums, guitars, vocals
  Joanie Collins - Acoustic and electric violins, keyboards, electric and upright bass, vocals
  Ray Alan Cantiberos - Congas and percussion
  Richard B. Collins (Joanie's Dad) - Artistry on nine string Violin D'Amore
  Ed Blanchett - Steel guitar

General info

  This is Mango.
  Known the world over, their music comes to you from Hawaii.
  Combining Island music with pop, rock, and classical favorites, their musical talents are unmatched.
  Mango has wowed audiences at Hawaii's finest resorts and festivals with their most recent appearance in Southern California.
  Taste the flavor of Mango!
  You can order their CD from the site below:

Download free music

Hapa Haole Hula Medley n/a Download
Hawaiian Hula Eyes n/a Download
Hi'ilawe n/a Download
Kaulana 'O Kawaihae n/a Download
Ku'uipo i ka He'e Pu One n/a Download
Wahine Ilikea n/a Download
Wonderful World of Aloha n/a Download

Latest tracks

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