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Deep Trance Medium - The Old Works

Deep Trance Medium - The Old Works
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  DJ MAN-X : Atari / Kawai K4 / Akai S2000 / Braintech
  Suport with live performances
  JB03 : Atari / DJ ridoo / Korg / 505
  CHR1999 : Atari / SC 55 / nordlead 2

General info

  Deep Trance Medium is a deep style house formation.
  Our philosophy is that music can bring you on deeper trance levels.
  In those trance levels you can set your mind free of trivial things and
  join the creative force of the cosmos to achieve higher forms of intelligence.
  By doing so your personal being will exist on a higher experience level.
  Creating this music is purely intuitive and made in a self-trance atmosphere.
  After rebuilding the compositions for a long time, eventually an ultimate form crystallizes.
  Man-x has made electronic music for 12 years with Amiga / Atari & PC.
  After that I was a student in the CEM (Center of Electronic Music) in Arnhem,
  the Netherlands. There I studied Analog Studio technique, Digital composing technique and compositions technique.
  Teacher & Trainer for Cubase & Wavelab, with all related products included.
  Look Out for the New Tracks

Download free music

CLOSEMAN n/a Download
HARDACID n/a Download
HARDLIVE 4.29 MB Download
MINDSPAC 5.80 MB Download
MNX_SW_2 n/a Download
SOLARMTC n/a Download
UNCONNES n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks