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Maiden Hell

Maiden Hell
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Members of the band

  Riku Turunen, Vocals
  Kimmo Korhonen, Guitar
  Atte Karstila, Guitar
  Mikko Lappalainen, Bass
  Ville Vehvilšinen, Drums

General info

  Maiden Hell is a tribute band to world greatest heavyrock band called Iron Maiden ( The band was started by 3 fanatical maiden fans in summer of 2000. Later on band got more members and throw it's first gig at 2002 in Lahti. Early at 2003 singer Riku was found and Maiden Hell was finally complete!
  Band has now throw many succesfull gigs around the Finland and more is coming...better watch out! ;)

Download free music

Aces High (2003) 4.48 MB Download
Fear Of The Dark (2003) 6.86 MB Download
LIVE @ LAHTI - Medley 10.28 MB Download
LIVE @ TAMPERE 2003 - Medley 11.75 MB Download
Only The Good Die Young (2003) 3.99 MB Download
The Evil That Men Do (2003) 4.06 MB Download
Wrathchild (2003) 2.49 MB Download

Latest tracks

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