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  mAGICALcIGARETTE make music, stay away from genres (apart from maybe the odd pop or two at em;)), and generally experiment with sound, based in a funky stylie, with ambient overtones and lashings of Jump-Up DnB. It's freestyle captain, but not as we know it.

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f_CK__GsTOPiT 3.73 MB Download
f_CK__GsTOPiT (Radical Protest) 4.09 MB Download
hEADACHE 5.20 MB Download
kaycee 1 2.75 MB Download
MoSsChOpS 2.17 MB Download
nOWiTStIMEtOcRY :( 2.36 MB Download
pEACElOVEandfREEDOM 3.51 MB Download
pOWERsUPPLY 3.52 MB Download
yE$andnO 4.02 MB Download
zXsPECTRUM48k 2.75 MB Download

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