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Members of the band

  Dominic Ward - guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboard, penny whistles, vocals
  Stephen Wilson - guitar, percussion, vocals

General info

  Maeran are delighted to announce that three of their albumns 'A Leaf Stains the Wind', 'Hollyhocks and Hedgerows' and 'Wintersong' are now available for free download as part of their Pass It On Music charity initiative at

Maeran produce their own original blend of music combining unique melodies, captivating vocal and instrumental arrangements and powerful poignant lyrics that challenge people to listen to what they have to say. Much of their work focuses on justice and peace issues and many songs have been widely distributed across the net.

Maeran also produce Christmas music and have 5 CD's of original work. Such notable singers as Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span have paid tribute to the quality and appeal of their Christmas songs.

Maeran are recognised ostensibly as a songwriting partnership, but they do perform their own work mainly for the purpose of supporting charities.

Dom heralds from a very musical background having 10 musical siblings and has played in a variety of bands including GHRO, (himself and four brothers). Steve, as well as being an excellent lyricist and singer, is also a published author.

Maeran produce music that isn't typical of many modern day bands. They don't rely on any single formula for producing their songs and their compositions cannot be neatly and restrictively categorised. Their lyrics are at times witty, but are also pithy and always have something significant to express. Here are a selection of their new folk carols and instrumentals that have already graced Dutch radio and are now doing the same in the British Isles!

Hear more of Maeran's music at


Dom and Steve actively support and promote the music of independent artists who are really good. Meet Jos from Holland who is at


Download free music

Christus Vincit n/a Download
Dance of the Infants n/a Download
I'm Sorry He Hurt You n/a Download
Maypole Carol n/a Download
No Man Of War n/a Download
The Sedgley Carol n/a Download
The Woodland Carol n/a Download

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