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Lyrical Prez

Lyrical Prez
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Members of the band

  Adobe Audition n a Sony F-V320 mic

General info

  Born in St.Catharines,Ontario,Canada raised in Northtown/vine st,St.catharines this M.C/Producer seen it all,from old school skin-heads to spanish crips,"music was such a influence because growing up there wasnt much to do but play ball and listen to pac'"..From Pac to The Arsonist," I was getting really sick of the mainstream and was getting into underground rap like, R.A the rugged man,Mr.Hyde,Mf Doom,CopyWrite,Aesop Rock,Living Legends,Murs,Slug,Sage Francis ect... The flows like a (jakki mottamouth,j-zone,copywrite) with and without the punchlines with a "underground" like flow and commercial style beats; Lyrical-Prez is bound to make it in the game, only promotion and fan support will help.
  ...The Fraction of These Rappers Rapping is All Acting...-Prez

Download free music

Aladdin Omar Diss Pt.1 n/a Download
Emotions Of Pain n/a Download
Good times n/a Download
Heavily Heated n/a Download
License to kill (freestyle) n/a Download
Struggling (TheFlow diss) n/a Download

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