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Members of the band

  Janne Hirvonen, vocals
  Kimmo Kovanen, guitars
  Teemu Tuovinen, synths
  Riku Partanen, bass
  Timo Karhunen, drums

General info

  The Lucaria was an ancient Roman feast, solemnized in the woods, where the Romans, defeated and pursued by the Gauls in year 390 BC, retired and concealed themselves; it was held, on July 19, in a wood, between the Tyber and the road called Via Salaria.
  Lucaria is also Finnish pseudoprogressive metal band which was formed by four strapping young lads in 2002 in Helsinki. Their music is influenced by metal, progressive rock, psychedelia, jazz, pop and classical music. Lucaria has so far released two demos: 'Lucaria' (2002) and 'Oculis Captus' (2005).

Download free music

As The Silence Falls n/a Download
Lucaria - Aurora Borealis II n/a Download
Lucaria - Blind Me n/a Download
Lucaria - Where The Shadows Lie n/a Download
The Spiral Of Infinity n/a Download

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