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Members of the band

  Brain Foor
  Pat Thompson

General info

  The D.I.Y king brings it to you with this blast of energy. This is no pop punk easy listening crap, this music creates its own following. The music is very raw, breaking the limits and right in your face. The music has low budget production but you would be amazed with the punch it packs. The very recording of these songs are one of a kind and raw enough to make you chafe. A fusion of noise, punk, metal, ambient, blues and funk, but still just your basic rock-n-roll leave you on the edge of your seat demanding more. LEAVE FEEDBACK

Download free music

B.Foor the Madness 4.07 MB Download
Open Up 2.52 MB Download
Peanutbutter and Jam 2.90 MB Download
Planet Earth 4.72 MB Download
The Poem I wrote 3.98 MB Download
The Song Aprile Likes 3.13 MB Download
The Sun Shines 4.41 MB Download

Latest tracks

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