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Los Hijos De Su Madre

Los Hijos De Su Madre
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Members of the band

  VíKtor Arroyo - Vocals and Guitar, Loops, Samplers, And all the weird stuff.
  Karlos González - Bass player
  Mako Arenas - Drums
  Karlos Pineda - Second Guitar

General info

  We do, what we like, and we don't give a fuXX. Punk it's everything to us, and we play it with all of our heart, soul and mind. We say what we want, we don't care if our lyrics harm someone. This is real.
  Los Hijos De Su Madre

Download free music

De Politicos, Mentirosos Y Especies Similares 3.77 MB Download
FuXX It 1.03 MB Download
La Mamada En Vivo En El Festival Hardcore Punk 1.66 MB Download

Latest tracks

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