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Los Diablos

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Mark Dubin - the voice and guitar
  Jorge Hernandez - guitars and vocals
  Jong "Chino" Leon - drums and vocals
  Will Trev - bass and vocals
  Tom "Cat" Stankus - lap steel and rhythm guitars

General info

  Their music and performances are built on classic country rock and straight up punk ethics... loud guitars, acoustic harmonies, and laid back rhythms underneath tales of dishonesty, jealousy, and greed.
  The guys in the band have come from some of the most influential and important South Florida underground bands from the past two decades. Cutting their teeth in seminal punk bands such as the Johnsons, the Hang Ups, and the Holy Terrors and earning hard fought critical acclaim as members of Nuclear Valdez, Amazing Grace, and the Comatones… the boys in Los Diablos have paid plenty of debts off along the way.
  Some call them “”… some call them “Americana”… they like to call it wearing their influences on their sleeves and their wounds as proudly as they show their scars.... unafraid to share that with anyone.

Download free music

6 Days On The Road (live) n/a Download
About A Boy n/a Download
Bittersweet (live) n/a Download
Dear John n/a Download
Honestly, Endlessly Hopeless n/a Download
In Between (acoustic) n/a Download
This Hotel n/a Download

Latest tracks

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