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Lord Of The Thunder

Lord Of The Thunder
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Members of the band

  John Matheus (Guitar)
  Ivan Chacin (Drums)
  Manuel Parra (Guitar)
  Jean Carlos Colina (Vocals)

General info

  The beginnings of Lord of the thunder goes back to the begining of the year 2001, it was the fussion of several ramifications inside the origins of the metal that gave birth to a style or and generated what they called heavy death progressive metal.
  Everything began when four musicians, Ivan, francisco, Jean Carlos and John, rooted in Maracaibo Zulia Venezuela and decided carry on this group, experimental band or hybrid metal, combening and respecting opinions, points of views, approaches, beliefs; but however we always had a guided north and converged that pointed toward the pleasure that felt when making music, or to create harmonies, melodies, dissonances, setbacks that satisfied the necesities and each member's restlessness as musician, the freedom of being possible to express with their instrument, the necessity to be able to transmit and to contribute to the new generation of musicians, a Venezuelan metal worthy of no listen and to defend.
  At the moment (the begining of 2004), the vocalist and bassman Daniel Eizaga, guitarist Manuel Parra has united to the members founders, guitarist and main drummer john matheus and Iván chacin to finish the new formation of lord of the thunder. The grouping is undergoing at the moment for a quick period of lyric and composition. There are several finished new songs and many more that they are being concluded. The quartet was coming from a demo recording with two songs, and all these will also appear in the next demo.

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