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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  stephen does it all!

General info

  Ive been in and out of bands over the centuries like most of the musicans i know,i found working with others was always hard keeping them together,
  ive never really settled into a good fun serious band,so i bit the bullet, in the last 18 months or so i began to write my own songs and record them from home on my fostex vf80 which i still use today, i have recorded a rock album (Whos To Blame) as a rock duo aka REZINATOR!what im writing now is just for myself only as a soloist so its instrumentals for now? I compose, record and produce all my own material, and play all my own instruments.I originally had a female vocalist, together we completed the album Who's To Blame under the name Rezinator in 2005. She has since left prompting me to go it alone. please give Rezinator a listen here on song planet. Ive have appeared on Good Morning show 2004 and Coast televison 2005 here in New Zealand and competed in 2004's Battle Of The Bands, capturing the listeners' ear with diverse tunes that move from melodic rock ballads to all out guitar driven force. I am performing as a solo artist now, sharing my passion for music and sound with others and contributing to the music industry in my own kinda way.

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Back to stay n/a Download
Contemplation n/a Download
Forever more n/a Download
say yes n/a Download
See you in my dreams n/a Download
the march of hella n/a Download
Way of the world n/a Download

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