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Loggia Productions

Loggia Productions
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Members of the band

  freiland fenchel
  quite a couple of ppl were temporary member or have contributed / worked with...
  Mundartischte, Kwest / kitchen & coffee, the whole rüümli crew from Huttwil, Steve Hunziker, Rene Flueckiger, Madleine von Fischer, Tao (aka Rafi Indermühle), Moo Stong (aka Biitsch Gruenig), dr Hudek
  ......... thank you guys n gals .........

General info

  Loggia Productions was founded in 1996 (after about one year of audio mixing). The name derives from some type of balcony we used to have pipe parties on these times (loggia is an italian word for balcony).
  You might wonder what stands this "LPT" for - Loggia Productions Track - and the number is the index of the track. Almost every track ever produced by LP has such an unique index. As you can see these are over 150 tracks in 5 years - and 22 released albums.
  All tracks by Loggia Productions are available for free. But i have to apologize, no CDs can be bought from us - just DL what you can get (latest tracks always on!
  Some of you might wonder what genre LP produces - i can't tell you. It might be contemporary-techno-punk-jazz as well as rock-hiphop-electro-noise-fusion. there are wild tracks, quiet and hypnotic ones...

Download free music

Lpt 158 - Hug 11.10 MB Download
Lpt 159 - wild north 13.05 MB Download
Lpt 174 - enten dizz 5.22 MB Download

Latest tracks

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