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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Molly - drum machine junk and sample wrangler.
  The Suicide Girl - song arrangements and mixing

General info

  Add one part lounge flavor to an urban eclectic base.
  Chop up two cups of electronic blips and one cup of oddball samples.
  Then sprinkle in some spice from various indiginous musics from around the world and mix on high for one minute until dissonant.
  Add bass reverb and dub echo liberally until it matches your taste.
  Pour into a chilled highball glass and garnish with an olive.
  This is TheLiquidSolution.

Download free music

Broke(PenelopeBlackVersion) n/a Download
EightBitCrush1.02 n/a Download
Honey((LA is not Amsterdam)A Solex Remix) n/a Download
ReVaard_Ver0.4 n/a Download
ThaBlade n/a Download
TheTwilightMysteryDinnerTheme n/a Download
thSlack n/a Download

Latest tracks

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