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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Liam Mulligan (Vocals)
  Mik Morley (Guitars/Vocals)
  Christian Dess (Drums/Vocals)
  Ryan Mackintosh (Decks/Sampling)
  Lochlan Naef (Bass)

General info

  Genre Of Music: Alternate / Heavy Rock
  Formed In: Early 2000
  "Just because things are hard to see doesn't mean they do not exist"
  Good things are not always found where you'd expect them to be, yet the sound of Lik-Wid, resonates a hard rock-orientated symphony without disregarding two very important elements, self-expression and melody.
  "The Last Time", the bands debut pre-production release demo, which was tracked in Brisbane QLD with Chartsong Productions (The Veronicas, Blaik, Platform Six, Boystar, Elevenlive) first hit hard with its eye opening commercial appeal and its riff driven memorable rock melodies and was picked up by Lik-Wid's hometown radio station in Dubbo NSW, and to later to secure them as Finalists in the 2004 National Songwriting competition - SOYA (Noise).
  *Finalists in the 2004 National Songwriting competition - SOYA (Noise)
  *'Nothing The Same' National Radio Single
  *'The Last Time' Regional radio hit
  *'Head turning' 2001 EP release of "Phalluscentric". (Mastered by Steve Smart @ Studios 301)
  *Sell-out 2000 Demo release of "Nasty Aftertaste"
  *Played along side well known acts such as Frenzal Rhomb, Area 7, Devolved and the Butterfly Effect.
  The debut highly anticipated first official release for Lik-Wid is currently under production, with a strong interest building, tracking is still yet to be finalised, and a national release pending for late 2005.
  What others have said
  "this band can kick some serious ass" - (Michael Allison, Music Dish)
  "Lik-Wid put on a great show, full of energy and full of character" - (Parramatta Hotel)
  "I believe these guys are onto something fresh and different here, killer hooks, a big fat professional sound and plenty of attitude" - (Stuart Stuart, Producer / Songwriter Chartsong Productions)
  "The first time i heard "The Last Time" it was completely shocking to hear such a mature almost ballad like rock song from a local act, it felt like it was only right that it deserved to be played on our all rock station". "Within only a couple of weeks it became one of the most requested tracks currently on our play list" - (Matt Sutton, Host / Music Director SeaFM Hobart)
  "Lik-Wid are one of those bands that could easily be pigeon holed if they weren't just that little bit different, its obvious there’s something else there, Something very noticeable." - (Clinton Hoy, Festival Music Publishing)

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