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- Life's Decay -

- Life's Decay -
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Members of the band

  Life's Decay is a dark & experimental, sounds & design project that has been created by Lyktwasst. on the first quarter of the year 2003.
  Members :
  Lyktwasst. :
  All music & instruments.
  All artworks, photos & draws.
  All websites, videos etc.
  All production, promotion & distribution via Abstraktsens Produktions ( )
  Alea :
  - Feminine voice & lyrics.

General info

  Life's Decay is mainly dark and quite experimental from a track to another. There's a strong industrial and "retro" feeling sometimes influenced by neo-classical and martial industrial music.
  Get more informations about the project including mp3, artworks and videos at

Download free music

Life's Decay - Else n/a Download
Life's Decay - Gloria n/a Download
Life's Decay - Omnes Vulnerant Ultima Necat n/a Download
Life's Decay - Sensitive n/a Download
Life's Decay - Systersia n/a Download

Latest tracks

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