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Life of Riley

Life of Riley
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Members of the band

  Kellie Hutchins - Vocal, Guitar
  Kellie has been playing and singing since 8 years old. Her vocal style has been heavily infuenced by her father's love of big band music. He still plays drums for a band in South Florida.
  Bob Hutchins - Bass, BGV
  Bob's background in music ranges from late seventies punk to modern day pop and everything in between. He is also an ordained minister,which earns him the name, The most Right Rock-N-Roll Reverend.

General info

  Nestled between the myriad of ska and swing, pop and punk lies a debut cd from a group that has yet to find a comfortable music genre home. The band with the undefinable sound is called Life of Riley, and their cd is a clever mix fused from the band's variety of musical influences. The quirky lyrical and musical combinations on the album create the kind of listening experience that makes the word "eclectic" seem a bit narrow. Eclectic, however, seems to be the best word to describe both the music and the personalities behind Life of Riley. The music is a marriage of musical styles merging Ben Folds Five piano tinkerings, Beatlesque harmonies and big band sounds with elements of swing and pure rock-n-roll. And with a sound so distinct, it's no surprise that the members of the band are just as diverse. Life of Riley began about three years ago when Bob (bass, background vocals) and Kellie Hutchins (lead vocals, guitar) and their friend Tim Clo (drums, background vocals) began writing songs. The later addition of Chris Dauphin (piano, background vocals) helped the band carve out their musical niche. The name of the band was taken from an Irish phrase meaning the "good life," and Riley is also the name of the Hutchins' six-year-old son. But onstage and offstage alike, through a variety of potentially trying situations, the band has almost a 90's Partridge Family kind of chemistry that is reflected both on their cd and in concert. They are the kind of band that could travel in a daisy- covered bus and have the best time doing it.

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