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life going down

life going down
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Members of the band

  Nyberg - Vox
  Stèn - Guitar
  Rantamäki - Drums

General info

  It has been a long journey, but after many phases life going down has ended up creating melodic, but also heavy and ponderous alternative metal. Everything in a good balance.
  At gigs we try to give all we got : a lot of attitude and different kind of accidents are common. Of course we also try to play a little.

Download free music

all over (1st mix) 4.74 MB Download
dead end (1st mix) 3.97 MB Download
fear addiction 4.42 MB Download
field 6.53 MB Download
reborn 4.13 MB Download
take my hand 4.28 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks