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Les Poissons Rouges

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Adam Campagna--guitar, piano, rhodes, lead and backup vocals
  Jon Harris--lead guitar, lead and backup vocals
  Jason DeBlanc--bass, backup vocals
  Jay Knorr--drums, backup vocals

General info

  Les Poissons Rouges is the newest live music project based on the songwriting duo of long time friends and collaborators Adam Campagna and Jonathan Harris. The project began in the Summer of 2004 in New Orleans on an uptown front porch over a glass of whiskey and a conversation about The Band, and has translated into an EP and live show of original country and rock music. The music pays its respect to the Alabama heritage of its composers while simultaneously taking cues from the eclectic array that comprises their record collections. The LPR studio efforts consist of Adam Campagna and Adam Hood sharing the vocal responsibilities in the styles of Neil Young and Otis Redding, while the instrumental texture resembles everything from the Stones to Wilco to Gram Parsons. The live shows consist of a mixture of classic country and rock cover tunes in addition to the original music, as Campagna and Harris are joined by the solid rhythm section of Jason DeBlanc and Jay Knorr. The result is a 4-piece, 4-vocal Alt-Country musical tour through what Campagna and Harris consider to be the great music of the last half-century.

Download free music

Brandy n/a Download
Don't Let Me Down n/a Download
Nashvegas n/a Download
Pardon the Chatter n/a Download

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