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C-O DA Politician

C-O DA Politician
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Members of the band

  PRISON YOUTH: Beats,programing,Keyboards, background vocals and percussions.

General info

  C-O DA POLITICIAN AND PRISON YOUTH is one of the top Rapp Groups in the metropolitan HOUSTON, TEXAS area. They have an array of vocal delivery styles that are perfectly syncronized with their well produced beats and music. Most importantly, they are real in their
  messages about the good and bad in life that most of us dare not speak about!!!! Check out their music, see what we mean that it will make you rock, roll, shake, lean, slide, glide, jump, crump, bounce, chill, lounge, ride and coast!!!!

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BZ and C-O "2 SOLDIERS" n/a Download
Intro n/a Download

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