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Cheezus of Nazareth

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Members of the band

  Lee Lawson: Vocals, Wind, Fate, Palidin Spells (can now cast Bolt4)
  The J: Piano, axe, time majik, the math
  Don: drumb, flow, reletivistic inertia tensor
  C. F. Gauss: lateral unit

General info

  When the crack of the sacred seal sounded atop mt. bamm last nevermore eve the demon child/weil-tensor known Leeopold Lawson was lazer-lasso-loop loosed upon the creatively decrepit & moraly bankrupt recording industry.
  Lee spak:"What... is that?... I knew it... I knew it! I knew I should have killed you when me and your mommy was lying together in a cave outside of sodom..."
  p.s:if you like this (or even if you dont...) check out Open Source Mc's under rap.

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Dead Girl 3.70 MB Download
No Saying No... (Prison Cock Anthem.) 5.32 MB Download

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