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Leaftree & Downey

Leaftree & Downey
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Members of the band

  downey burns

General info

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  Reflective, Bittersweet, Rollicking, Autumnal, Amiable/Good-Natured, Intimate, Literate, Cerebral, Sophisticated. A listen to "Chasing Rain" proves that the main connection that Leaftree has is a haunting passion with a sometinmes eclectic and quirky undertone. Leaftree's music is complex and intricate, yet it flows so smoothly, it's easy to miss the bitter, brutal lyrics. However, the more spacious arrangements - complete with ringing pianos, echoing reverb, layered guitars and harmonies - accent Leaftree's melodies, making the record accessible. While the sound of "Chasing Rain" sometimes becomes more open and welcoming, songs still hold an insular and paranoid feel, evern though emotions have been cloaked well.

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Get Back n/a Download
Judicial Pig n/a Download
Revolution Without Me n/a Download
Sleep Sixteen n/a Download
SlipKnot n/a Download

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