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Members of the band

  LCFF is:
  guitar,vox-Greg Riley Bones
  bass,vox-Craig 2Bee
  drums-Kevin Hotrod

General info

  Queens Trio of NYC hardcore scene, formed 1994.
  brought to you by Dead Tuna Productions. . . ....
  LCFF is a band that if you ask us if we played a certain show on the night of Oct 3rd 1996, we will deny the show ever existed.
  LCFF will also find you after the question, kidnap you, drive you to Montauk, blindfolded, and naked, except for a T shirt that says Billy Joel Sucks donkey dung.
  We will then call the local news team, and fire department to report that someone with a Billy Joel sucks donky dung shirt is throwing pumkins at cars on the 495 LIE expressway.
   In The future, LCFF will create a high frequency sound by mixing all of its recorded tracks together. Then while played at the same time will enable room C in the Roxie Studios to become a room in which time travel can take place. With this power at hand LCFF will then set out on a time travel quest to save the world from people who ask stupid questions.
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