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The LAMENT Configuration

The LAMENT Configuration
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Members of the band

  Chris - Vocals; Jay - Lead & Acoustic Guitar; Dmitry - Rhythm Guitar; Joe - Bass Guitar; Percussion-Phill

General info

  We all started jamming together in November of 2001. Almost immediately it became apparent that what we could work well together, despite our range in background. We wrote our first five songs during the following two months, experimenting with different styles of music, textures, and moods. Slowly, a direction was found... to be both chaotic and majestic, concurrently heavy and technical, dark and disturbing. Setting out to assault any near with our own brand of metal, shows were booked and writing began anew. As more songs developed, a psychedlic tint fell upon them, giving them an eerie flow not present before. Fast forward a few successful shows, and a small studio booking, and we are faced with the problem of capturing this sound with only 8 tracks to work with.

Download free music

Ad Naseum 5.32 MB Download
Blunt Force Thought Trauma 7.11 MB Download
Predation 4.59 MB Download
The Lament at Club Euphoria vid 64.48 MB Download
The Tragedy of Tuesday's Stillbirth 4.40 MB Download

Latest tracks

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