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Members of the band

  Jani Huotari: Vocals, bass, guitars
  Heikki Kähkönen: Guitars
  Olli Kokkonen: Drums

General info

  Kuolos saw started first time in the freesing frost of Northern Finland at
  winter 2000. Jani Huotari had a heap of guitar riffs and it seemed
  reasonable to put them together. Huotari joined forces with local drummer Olli
  Kokkonen to make his riffs alive. Without any kind of disagreement the name
  became simple Kuolo which has not one and only clear meaning. It is like a
  word from poetry and it is something close to words like death or
  unconsciousness. With very tough attitude the duo played straightforward
  metal music in the darkness of Northern winter. Within the winter before the
  spring sun began to shine group forged and hammered some metal until they
  got three stern songs framed. Promo-recording session was planned to April
  2001 and the place was BRR-studio at Raahe, Finland. At the same time
  guitarrist Heikki Kähkönen joined the band. Renewed Kuolo trained a couple
  of times and headed to Raahe. With Juha Matinheikki the band forged two
  overlong days in studio and the result was tree aggressive and
  straightforward metal songs. This promo was never distributed to record
  During the autumn 2001 Huotari threw down his spears, in other words, made
  lots of guitar riffs. So, the band started to plan new promo, which was
  planned to be delivered to record companies. The whole trio invested in
  arrangement work and the songs were polished very carefully. On Christmas
  holidays the group trained very intensively and on January 3. it charged to
  BRR-studio again. This time everything was planned very accurately and the
  recording session started efficiently. Two overlong studio days were spent
  and three more aggressive and tougher metal songs than ever before were
  recorded. Without sacrificing straightforwardness the new songs became also
  more atmospheric. The atmosphere was created by guitar and vocal melodies.
  The result made the band feel satisfyed and after the cover process the
  promo is now where it belongs…
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