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Krucial LVC

Krucial LVC
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General info

  I am an underground rap artist tryin to get mine n my crew (LVC) music heard by the public n bring more viewers to our music and hopefully strike a deal sometime!!!

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Battle Vs. Knalige 2.62 MB Download
F*ck yall emcees 3.75 MB Download
Just Like This 3.28 MB Download
L To Da Vizzo Freestyle 2.40 MB Download
Method Rhymes vs. Exposure 2.67 MB Download
Round 1 vs. Matias at rmc 2.14 MB Download
Shut it Down 2.79 MB Download
Straight Spittin 4.59 MB Download
The Knalige iz Krucial 3.39 MB Download

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