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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Ginger O'Day - Lead Singer
  Vincent Anthony - Bass
  Curly - Guitars
  Terry Salem - Drums

General info

  Cleveland/Akron - based band Krank captures the artistic energy and drive with their funky groove, chunky rock sound that is intermingled with melodic vocal lines.
  Krank formed in June of 1999 with Vincent Anthony adding 12 years of bass experience playing with recording artists 20/Twenty in Nashville, TN from 1989-1991 and has opened up for such bands as Rick Cua, Phil Keaggy, and Whiteheart. His funky rock style adds a key rhythmic element to the Krank sound. Krank recently added guitarist "Curly". "Curly" has played predominantly in the Cleveland/Akron band Fox and has had several songs featured on the Howard Stern Show this past year. His guitar work is built upon precise timing and a chunky rock sound that will bring down the house. Krank has also added drummer Terry Salem to the lineup. Terry started a band back in the late nineties called "Winter's Bane" who were picked up by a foreign label in which he recorded their first debut CD in Germany. The lead singer of "Winter's Bane" at the time was Tim "Ripper" Owens who now is the lead singer of Judas Priest. Terry is a Master Time Keeper and brings a style of drumming that adds to the bands fluidity and Krank's driving sound. The most important piece to the Krank sound lies with vocalist Ginger O'Day. Chris Akin from MTV.COM and Bottomline Magazine states, "Easily the most alluring part of KRANK is the vocal work of vocalist Ginger O'Day. O'Day is very reminiscent of the silky aggressive vocal style once displayed by BELINDA CARLISLE. She's got real attitude going on in many of the songs." Ginger's sultry voice and dynamic stage presence is a direct result from years of experience of studio work in Nashville, TN coupled with her stage experience from singing with the Ohio based multi-state touring band "Retroactive" in the mid 90's.
  Krank's accomplishments include recent airplay on mix 106.5 with the "Brian and Joe" show back in November 2000 debuting the song "What I want". Krank's song "Body, Mind and Soul" hit the number one spot on the groove charts on for 2 weeks straight in May of 2000. Krank currently has over 28,300 downloads on the site and has sold many CD's around the world. Krank has also received the coveted five yak award (the highest award possible) and is the number one rock act on ( Yaks are based upon ALL of the following: song writing (lyrics and melody), vocal performance, originality, sound quality, and overall production. The Yak nominators consist of several successful (even Grammy-winning) music professionals from many areas of the music field, including songwriters, managers, producers, musicians, etc."
  Krank's energy permeates not only in theirCD's, but also in their live shows. Ginger O'Day knows how to captivate an audience not only with her sexy looks but with her outstanding vocals as well. In a recent concert review on MTV.COM and The Bottom Line Magazine (Nov. 1999 Issue), the publisher of the magazine, Chris Akin states, "Simply put, this band is fresh in the fact that they do it the old school way, they just play, have fun and rock!"

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