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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Krain are: Nik – Vocals,
  Dave – Guitars,
  Matt - Guitars,
  Ben – Bass,
  James - Drums.

General info

  Krain began in the summer of 99. Quickly becoming recognised for having real talent and a powerful live show.
  They soon established a solid fan base over the first few shows with people wanting more of this rock-metal quintet.
  Krain have played many venues in and around their home town of Milton Keynes including Northampton & High Wycombe with stunning feedback.
  Gigging with the likes of Medication (ex-Machine Head, Soulfly and Ugly Kid Joe), Brutal Deluxe, Gutworm & Number One Son.
  Krain got the exposure they needed to become a well-known band locally and further afield.
  In-between playing gigs, Krain made their third CD and had airplay on BBC Radio1 – The Rock Show with Maryann Hobbs.
  The new CD, entitled “The Art of Fighting”, was produced By Pete Brown (whose work includes George Harrison & Sam Brown) in March 2002 at Phila-Studios. Henley-on-thames.
  Discography: 4hours Blind, Past Present Future
  The Art of Fighting
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