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Kone ja Ruuvi

Kone ja Ruuvi
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dance / techno


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General info

  We, Kone and Ruuvi represent the impish sound of the honorable Vaasa -the brightest star on the sunny West Coast of Finland. Check out our quality tunes and groovy beats!
  The ever exciting "Vainaja Theme" up and available! PRO-QUALITY SOUNDS from the FireDepartment! Visit for the full true story behind this mysterious song!
  The relaxing tune "Wasa-Umeå" allows You all to enjoy that fresh sea wind flavour of the sunny Vaasa!
  Soon available!! The newly remastered version of the gloomy "Never Know."
  If you like what You've heard, please let us know: or visit

Download free music

Never Know 7.15 MB Download
Sähkökeskus 3.95 MB Download
Vainaja Theme 3.63 MB Download
Wasa-Umeå 3.82 MB Download

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